TIP OF THE MONTH      Most people don't give this a scond thought.  If you go to a commerical taxidermist in the State of Idaho; they must have a license issued by Idaho Fish & Game for them to legally mount any unprotected bird, or game bird (taken in season); unprotected animal, or game animal (taken in season); unprotected fish, or game fish (taken is season); for you.   IF your doing taxidermy for yourself ONLY, this license does not apply.  You don't have to worry about this... the commercial taxidermist needs to be on the ball with the law. Just FYI.
IF you are having lets say a BIRD mounted commercially that is listed in the 50 CFR 10:13 (Code of Federal Regulations) which includes all waterfowl and a few other game species (example Mourning Dove & Crow) the commercial taxidermist needs to have a "Federal Permit."  A "Federal Fish & Wildlife Permit."  
     YOU the customer just have to make sure that your species of bird, that was harvested by you was legally taken within opening and closing season dates.
 IF this bird is listed in the 50 CFR 10:13 the taxidermist must have you fill out a "Federal Migratory Bird Tag" this tag, signed by you stays with the bird and taxidermist while in his/her possession; by Federal Law.  
     Again just FYI to you, you don't have to worry about the information just given... the commerical taxidermist needs to be on the ball with the law.
     Now the more COMPLICATED...
     We have mounted PROTECTED birds (birds that are NOT legal to take); UNLESS... The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Idaho Fish & Game has issued permits for those protected birds.  These permits ONLY are issued to institutions like... Public Schools, Museums, Churches, Bird Preserves, Indian religious purposes, or other government agencies.  Then we can MOUNT THOSE PROTECTED BIRDS for those institutions and others that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife see fit to issue too.
     We have mounted Hawks, Eagles & Owls to name a few for those agencies or insitutions.
IF a bird is listed in the 50 CFR 17:11 of Endangered or Threatened listing and that bird is being preserved or mounted; that bird needs a permit from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on the CUSTOMERS END be it a public school or museum or any institution permited to display; AND THE COMMERICAL TAXIDERMIST must have in his/her possession  a "U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE PERMIT" for them to conduct the mounting or preserving on their end.  Some examples of birds that would fall into this category, but are not limited to any speices of... eagles, hawks, owls etc.  or any bird listed in the above mentioned Endangered Listing.
     Like i have told you now for the 3rd time; you don't have to worry about this.  
IF you are a prinicipal of a public school then you would be involved in this process, for the schools benefit ONLY.
NO PERMITS that I (know of) are given to private citizens and that would include the prinicipal of the school himself/herself.  They are only acting for and behalf of the school.  They cannot or can anyone else take these birds home for display.
     As a matter of fact... the permit states that for any of these birds listed on the permit does NOT belong to the school, but is on LOAN to the school.  They actually belong to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
IF you are of Indian hertiage (and you must prove this by paperwork) you can receive eagles from the National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository.  Their permits when we have mounted eagles for Indians say they are for religious purposes.  Their may or may not be other reasons that I am not aware of.
     OUR Regional U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service office is in Portland, Oregon. Just FYI.
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