TIP OF THE MONTH      Most people don't give this a scond thought.  If you go to a commerical taxidermist in the State of Idaho; they must have a license issued by Idaho Fish & Game for them to legally mount any unprotected bird, or game bird (taken in season); unprotected animal, or game animal (taken in season); unprotected fish, or game fish (taken is season); for you.   IF your doing taxidermy for yourself ONLY, this license does not apply.  You don't have to worry about this... the commercial taxidermist needs to be on the ball with the law. Just FYI.
IF you are having lets say a BIRD mounted commercially that is listed in the 50 CFR 10:13 (Code of Federal Regulations) which includes all waterfowl and a few other game species (example Mourning Dove & Crow) the commercial taxidermist needs to have a "Federal Permit."  A "Federal Fish & Wildlife Permit."  
     YOU the customer just have to make sure that your species of bird, that was harvested by you was legally taken within opening and closing season dates.
 IF this bird is lis