Now that only the head hide (cape) has been cut within the above picture; start separating the cape from the neck carcass; stop at the base of the ears.
Q.  Do I need to leave any neck meat/carcass for mannikin measurements?
A.  YES.  Leave the taxidermist about 3"-4" (inches) of neck meat/carcass.
     The last measurement needed for a head mount is the neck circumference.
      Do NOT skin past the ear base!  Now the head is free from the main body leaving a neck meat carcass of approx. 4"
Q.  Where should I cut off my deer head hide (cape) for a head mount?
A.  ALWAYS leave the taxidermist enough cape (head skin) to do whats called
    a "Full Shoulder Mount."  A lot of hunters make the MISTAKE of cutting off
    their deer/elk/antelope etc. cape off to short!  What is to short?  I usually
    tell my hunters to cut off the cape in a circular cut just in front of the front
    legs.  This will leave plenty of skin for the taxidermist to make a full
    shoulder mount.  IN BACK OF FRONT LEGS IS EVEN BETTER. You don't
    need to cut the full Y incision; just stop cutting cape at the point between
    the base of the ears.  Let the taxidermist finish the Y cut towards the antler
The following set of preparation information is for customers who are going to have a Head Mount done; Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope Etc. BEFORE they come to the taxidermist.....  (Can also apply to small game head mounts) Back Next